2 Must-Have Pregnancy Apps for Busy Moms

Genecord Support

Every day of your pregnancy, changes are happening inside your body (and to your body) as your baby develops. You may have a friend or a few pregnancy books and websites that are your go-to resources for questions and support during this exciting time. But what do you access when you're on the go? Consider checking out pregnancy apps for handy tips and tools that will help you track and record your pregnancy journey from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.

BabyBump Pregnancy

by Alt12 Apps

Available for Android and iOS

This app is packed with features, including weekly information and images. Daily tips and information about your baby's development are included, as well as tips about your own body's changes, cravings, and symptoms. The app allows you to track some features of your health and body changes (weight, waist measurements, mood, energy, morning sickness) as well as your feelings as experiences. This is helpful as a health tool, as well as a pregnancy journal (and photo journal) that you can refer back to for other pregnancies or as a treasured memory.

Other great features include:

  • a curated shopping experience for reviewed and recommended baby and pregnancy products
  • pregnancy forums with moms from around the globe
  • a pregnancy countdown clock/toolbar
  • a baby name tool
  • birth planning resources

Big Day Countdown & Checklist

by Genecord

Available for iOS

As the due date draws closer, you should look for an app that helps you prepare to go to the hospital. The Big Day Countdown & Checklist app does just that. One unique feature is that the due date countdown tool in this app is shareable, meaning that with just a few keystrokes you can put an end to the eternal "Remind me again, when are you due?" This app also features a robust hospital bag checklist to help you get organized for the Big Day, with functionality to add to or modify the list to fit your unique needs. Big Day Countdown & Checklist is a must-have for moms who have decided to store their child's umbilical cord blood with Genecord, as it provides direct access to the Genecord team for advice and scheduling.

Put down the pregnancy book and pick up your smartphone for some innovative and interactive pregnancy tools. There are amazing resources to discover on your app store that can give you guidance through the many stages of your pregnancy.