7 Reasons To Store Your Baby's Cord Blood with Genecord

Genecord Support

If you've spent time shopping for a cord blood bank, you know that there are many options to choose from. But when it comes to selecting a provider to trust with your family's health, you want the very best. Here are 7 reasons to choose Genecord as your cord blood bank.

1) Best Customer Service

Genecord customer service is provided 24/7 by real people who really care about the health and well-being of your family. This attentiveness doesn't just last through the enrollment process—it follows your child into adulthood with yearly news updates about cord blood technology and science that can benefit your family.

2) Elegant Enrollment Process

Preparing for a new baby is stressful enough without adding the hassle of a complex cord blood bank enrollment process. That's why Genecord keeps it simple with forms you can fill out digitally. Your reception at Genecord will have the personal touch of an informative welcome phone call, and your documentation and medical history will be carefully reviewed by medical professionals.

3) Value-Oriented Philosophy

You value honesty, transparency, helpfulness, and authenticity. So does Genecord. Genecord strives to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about the health of your loved ones—without the pressure of selling you things you don't need. Genecord will always be up front about processes and procedures, and helpful staff is available to answer questions any time of day or night.

4) All-Inclusive Pricing  

At Genecord, the price you see is the price you pay. There are no hidden fees lurking at the end of transactions. When you register with Genecord, you get cord blood collection, transportation, and storage for 20 years for one low price. There is no extra processing fee. There are no annual fees. You don't even pay for shipping of your cord blood storage kit to your home. Genecord takes care of everything with one flat rate.

5) Investing in What Counts

Genecord was built by parents like you who wanted to find a cord blood banking solution at a reasonable price. With the core values of transparency, excellent service, and safety, Genecord is able to provide the life-saving technology of stem cell storage at family-friendly prices. They do this by investing only in what counts­—superior processing, secure storage, technical guidance, and unparalleled customer support. Genecord saves money by choosing not to invest in costly advertising campaigns, celebrity endorsements, and physician incentives, and those savings are passed directly to families.

6) Best-In-Class Technology

From collection kit components to storage facilities, Genecord uses the technologies that keep your family and your cord blood sample safe. Genecord's technologies make the process of obtaining cord blood samples as easy as possible. Units are stored in the vapor phase above liquid nitrogen, which eliminates the possibility of any remote transmission of disease from one sample to another.

7) The Genecord App

Genecord supports families before the delivery date with The Genecord App. This helpful app provides a hospital bag checklist with the essentials that many soon-to-be parents depend on, and it can be expanded to include personal preferences. The app also tracks weeks and days until the due date, and this countdown can be shared with friends and family. And if any questions arise as the big day approaches, the app provides an easy way to connect with the Genecord support team.

Other cord blood banks can't compare to Genecord's value-oriented philosophy, affordability, technology, and unparallel service. For these 7 reasons, and many more, choose the best cord blood bank: Genecord.