Unique Gifts for the Expectant Mother

Genecord Support

The Holidays are quickly approaching and, like most people, you are probably scrambling to cross those last few names off your gift list. If you are shopping for an expectant mother this Holiday season, there are alternatives to buying yet another a cute outfit for the baby. Instead of the normal baby gear, consider giving a unique gift that will delight the mom-to-be.


Most girls like to be pampered, and expectant mothers are no different. While some stages of pregnancy might preclude a full-blown spa day, a trip to the nail salon for a manicure or pedicure can perk up tired hands and soothe aching feet. While can get send your pregnant friend to a local salon, it might be an even better idea to pick a day to go together and spend the afternoon treating yourselves to a little indulgence.  Check out Amazon Deals for local promotions and great deals on spa and pampering packages.


One of the most significant gifts you can give to your family and friends is your time. As the delivery day approaches, you can give of your time and talent to help around the house. If you have an eye for design or are handy with a wrench, you could help build baby furniture and decorate the nursery. Ask your pregnant friend if she has a theme for the nursery and what she still needs to do to bring her vision of the baby's room to life. Does she need to assemble the crib and paint the walls? Does she need help hanging pictures and crafting cute decor?  If you have a Michaels is your neighborhood you’ll be surprised at the small arts and crafts projects that you can do to make a huge impact.  Feel free to email us for ideas, we’ve got lots of them!

You can also lend a hand baby proofing the house. While the little tyke won't be mobile enough to get into trouble for a few months, it is never too early to apply electrical outlet covers and install cabinet latches to make sure that any potential hazardous materials are out of reach of little fingers. This is especially helpful to expectant mothers late into pregnancy who have difficulty bending and crawling into tight spaces that need attention.

Gift Cards

It can be difficult to choose gifts for pregnant women. Heightened sense of smell can make scented candles or lotions a no-go, and an expanding baby belly makes buying clothes tricky. So instead of buying physical gifts, you can buy gift potential in the form of gift cards. You can make it more personal by including the promise of a shopping trip with the gift card whenever is most convenient for the mom-to-be—which may be some time after the baby comes.

Gift cards are available for other types of goods and services, too. When planning for the baby, the expectant mother in your life may have given some thought to cord blood banking. If this is something she is considering, you can help out with the expense by buying a Genecord Gift Card. This is a gift that keeps on giving, since Genecord sends annual e-mails to the family to keep them up-to-date on advances in stem cell science.

As you do your last-minute shopping this season, add these gift ideas to your list for the expectant mom in your life. She'll be ecstatic to get a gift that lets you know just how important she is to you.