Why All Cord Blood Banks are Not Equal

Genecord Support

When shopping for a provider to bank your child’s cord blood, you may think that one bank is very much like the next. They may offer the same thing—umbilical cord blood storage—but there are many distinguishing factors that make some cord blood banks stand out from the rest as a good fit for your family. Here are few reasons why all cord blood banks are not equal.

Not All Cord Blood Banks Provide Transparent Pricing

Many cord blood storage banks list one price for their services, but parents end up paying a lot more. This is because some banks don’t detail their many fees upfront. There can be a fee for cord blood collection, another fee for processing at the facility, and sometimes you even have to cover the shipping costs from the hospital to the storage facility. Additionally, they charge a per-year storage fee, which really adds up. Genecord is not like those banks. At Genecord, you pay one flat fee for collection, shipping, processing, and 20 years of storage. Genecord strives to be transparent with pricing so that there are no surprises on your bill.

Not All Cord Blood Banks Make the Process Convenient

Enrollment in a cord blood bank should be easy, but not all cord blood banks make the process hassle-free. Hearing back about your enrollment from some cord banks can take a long time, and once your enrollment has been processed, you may receive another bundle of forms to fill out without ever having a chance to speak to someone at the facility. At Genecord, the enrollment process is easy and personal. You can fill out the forms electronically, and once your enrollment is processed, you will receive a welcome call to guide you through the next steps of the process. Genecord wants to make the process smooth and convenient, since they know that expectant parents have enough things to worry about already.

Not All Cord Blood Banks Are Centered on Family Values

Many cord blood banks are run as corporations, focusing more on their bottom line than on the families they serve. Genecord is run as a family business. Built by parents like you, Genecord is founded on the values of honesty, transparency, helpfulness, and safety. A supportive customer service team is available 24/7, staffed with individuals whose job it is to put your family first, starting with the enrollment process and continuing throughout the years that you bank with Genecord. Each year on your child’s birthday, the Genecord team provides updates and news about cord blood advancements to keep you informed technology and science that can impact your family’s health.

No two cord blood banks are the same, and the quality of care you receive from different umbilical cord blood banking companies will not be equal. As you compare banks, consider these key differences to determine which bank is the best fit for your family.