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1. Genecord provides unparalleled step-by-step support in the collection and long-term storage of nature’s richest source of lifesaving, non-controversial stem cells. PRESERVING THE FUTURE POSSIBLE

3. PRESERVING THE FUTURE POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE PEACE OF MIND From a dedicated team of personnel available 24/7 to answer any question or address any eventuality, to our commitment to building a long-term relationship with all those who choose us, we believe your investment in the next generation, deserves our highest level of care. c all us today to enroll at (877) 783-7836 or visit us online at genecord . com genecord . com Track and Share the Countdown to Your Big Day and Organize Your Hospital Bag Checklist with the Genecord app. app . genecord . com

2. The Process At Genecord we provide a clinically proven, professional cord blood collection, storage and support service that gives you peace of mind for the future. The decision to store your child’s cord blood cells is not just about the promise of what we know we can achieve in the here and now, it’s about investing in what is to come - a small and simple stake in an almost boundless future potential. For your child, for their siblings, and even for family members – the disease- fighting possibilities of cord blood stem cells grows exponentially year on year. It’s science we believe in and are committed to making available. From the moment you make the decision, through the collection of the cord blood immediately after birth, and into the years of storage that follow, Genecord provides a highly supportive but unobtrusive level of customer service and post-storage care that sets us apart. Y o U r e N ro LLM e NT As with each and every step in this process, our medical personnel are always on hand to provide insight and support. Once you enroll with us your documentation and medical history will be carefully reviewed before sign-off. In the unlikely event that any medical issue would impact the collection of your child’s cord blood, we will personally address it with you. Y o U r KIT Once you’ve made the decision to invest in your child and your family’s future with Genecord, you’ll receive our customized Welcome Kit just a few days later. You should keep it packed with all the other essentials in your hospital bag to be sure you don’t forget it on the big day. Y o U r BIG DAY The hand-off of your Genecord Kit couldn’t be simpler – just give it to your doctor when you arrive at the hospital and you’re done. The process is streamlined and easy because we know you’ve already got enough to think about. Y o U r PI c K-UP When all the hard work is done and you’re holding your newborn in your arms your doctor will Genecord offers one product at a singular and affordable price. The benefits of private stem cell storage are vast and growing each year. The science is dynamic and complex. Your pricing doesn’t need to be. proceed with the simple and painless collection of the cord blood. All it takes is a call to us and our courier will arrive to discreetly, quickly and safely transport your package back to our lab for processing and storage. Y o U r co NFI r MATI o N Within a few days an email confirmation will be sent to you letting you know that your baby’s blood is healthy and viable for storage – giving you peace of mind for your child and your family’s future. Y o U r UPDAT es Every year on your child’s birthday we’ll share an email update filled with all the latest cord blood-related scientific advances, keeping you and your family connected with each new advance that emerges – and those that follow. T he I r FUTU re It seems like a lifetime away now, but on your child’s eighteenth birthday they will receive full ownership of their Genecord Account. This puts the power of the future possible into their hands – not only for themselves but for their entire family. To us, it’s perhaps the greatest birthday gift they could receive. Total 20 yr. Cost Processing Fee Courier Fee Annual Fee $4,449 $1,799 $125 $125 $4,625 $1975 $125 $125 $2,595 included included included VIACORD CRYOCELL genecord . com A SIMPLE INVESTMENT


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