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1. Caregiver Instructions Quick Tips: • Collect as soon after birth as possible, and keep collected cord blood at room temperature. • Collect as much cord blood as you can. • Do not discard the cardboard box as it will be used for shipping. • For multiple births: Maternal blood testing materials will only be provided in one kit (Baby A). Check that the following items have been returned to the collection kit and return kit to family or friends: • Collected cord blood with the completed cord blood label attached to bag. • Tubes of the mother’s blood, lebeled with mother’s name, date and time. • Completed Cord Blood Collection Worksheet. Contents of Box

2. ! step 1 preparation a) With needle provided, draw tubes of the mother’s blood for infectious disease testing purposes. Label each tube with mother’s name, date and time. Place filled tubes into biohazard bag. b) After birth, clamp and cut umbilical cord. Usually the placenta has not been delivered. If it has been delivered, remove the placenta and cord and place in a pan. c) Remove sterile colletion bag from silver pouch, complete the blood bag label (attached to the collection worksheet) and adhere to the collection bag. d) Place blue needle guard on needle attached to the collection bag, with arrows on needle guard pointing to the needle. Bag is pre-filled with 35ml. of anticoagulant. step 2 collection a) Disinfect a site near the end of the umbilical cord to allow for venipuncture. b) VAGINAL delivery: Venipuncture is made in umbilical cord vein. Place collection bag below umbilical cord so bag can fill by gravity. Filling may take 3-5 minutes. If placenta has been delivered, raise pan to assist collection by gravity. c) CAESAREAN delivery: Open sterile adapter kit, insert Caesarean needle into umbilical cord blood vein, allow tubing to drop of table and insert standard needle into tube’s end so blood flows into collection bag. Filling may take 3-5 minutes. If placenta has been delivered, raise pan to assist collection by gravity. d) Monitor blood flow. If vein collapses, disinfect a higher site of vein and proceed with another venipuncture. e) Knead collection bag during collection to avoid sample clotting. f) Once filling is complete, slide needle guard over needle. CUT OFF NEEDLE and discard both into an appropriate receptacle. Squeeze tubing to force blood into bag. Beginning at least six inches from bag, tie off tubing using a series of three knots. g) Gently invert bag several times to mix cord blood with anticoagulant. h) Wrap bag and remaining tubing with toweling and place in biohazard bag. Put biohazard bag into kit. i) Fill out Cord Blood Collection Worksheet, place in the kit and close the box. Return as soon as possible to family or friends. Collection Questions? Call 1-877-783-7836 Caregiver Instructions


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