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Genecord's educational materials including Brochures and Instructions for Clients and Caregivers.

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1. step 5 shipping After collection, please call us at 1-877-783-7836, to schedule pickup and delivery to our lab for processing. It is our goal to process and freeze your baby's cord blood within 48 hours after it is collected. Our shipping coordinator is notified of all deliveries and will ensure the proper measures are taken for expedited pickup and delivery to our lab. Be sure to contact us when your caregiver returns the box to you to avoid any delays. Collection Questions? Call 1-877-783-7836 step 1 communicate Inform your caregiver of your decision to store your baby’s cord blood. Prior to your delivery, you may refer your caregiver to for downloadable instructions. Caregiver Instructions are also located inside the kit. step 2 remember When you are at the hospital, provide your caregiver with the collection kit. If questions arise during delivery, or you forget your kit, call us at 1-877-783-7836. step 3 patient testing As part of our processing, we will need a sample of your blood for infectious disease testing purposes. Your caregiver will collect tubes of your blood. step 4 collection Following the Caregiver Instructions, your caregiver will collect your child’s cord blood. He or she will return the box to you, your family or designated friend after collection. As a reminder, your baby's cord blood can be safely kept at room temperature. Client Instructions Thank you for choosing GENECORD for your cord blood banking! Inside this collection kit is everything your caregiver needs to collect your child’s cord blood. Please review and complete the following instructions to ensure your child’s cord blood is collected and processed in a timely manner.


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